We’re excited to share a “behind the scenes” look into
Suzanne’s creative journey with French culinary leader


Drawn to timeless style

in a classic color palette with a modern edge, fashion and travel are a constant source of inspiration for Suzanne. Whether it be a vintage Hermes scarf or a ribbon boutique in Paris, the combination of materials, tones, textures and feelings are fascinating. Part of the beauty is translating these complex elements into interior style.

Through a partnership with LA CORNUE, we have expanded our horizons and created a custom color palette to fit this specific niche in the world of high-end kitchens. While remaining true to the timeless and recognizable aesthetic of the beautiful products offered, we added an element of freshness through 10 fashion colors.

The new SUZANNE KASLER collection has just launched at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) in Las Vegas January 19-21. We’re excited to share this beautiful, fresh take on this wonderful French kitchen classic!

Suzanne’s Design Journal

Day 1

At the very outset I was inspired by fashion colors and classic elements that ring true for all things French and the La Cornue brand heritage. Our inspiration boards came together quickly as we gathered and shared some favorite visual cues. These ultimately informed the working color ways that we developed with the LA CORNUE team. Working with color is a passion of mine and getting these just right was a very rewarding process.

Off to PARIS!

It’s no secret that I LOVE PARIS! And to have this LA CORNUE collaboration centered around my favorite city in the world was a dream. After many in-house meetings at our studio in Atlanta we packed our bags for a fabulous 4 day adventure with the LA CORNUE team leading the way as our wonderful hosts.

The Fabulous Factory Visit

After landing we went straight to the LA CORNUE factory where they still hand make the most special stoves used all over Europe. It was inspiring to see…and what made it so special to me are the metal finishes and immaculate attention to the details. It seems like jewelry and has that custom finish that’s truly unique to LA CORNUE. After the tour we reviewed and finalized our signature colors for the new SUZANNE KASLER LA CORNUE COLLECTION.

A delicious day in the country

The next morning we embarked on a day trip out of Paris to visit the private country estate of famed 3-star Michelin chef Alain Passard, who’s celebrated restaurant L’Arpège is considered one of the world’s top restaurants. We enjoyed a beautiful French meal, prepared with vegetables we picked ourselves. After an indulgent and relaxing afternoon in the French countryside, we returned to Paris…

La TOUR Eiffel…

Up next was a “behind-the-scenes” tour of the signature monument of Paris, the Eiffel Tower. We were able to explore parts of the tower that are normally off limits to the public, and I overcame my fear of heights – something I would only do for the Eiffel Tower!

and Louis Vuitton Foundation

The exquisite Louis Vuitton Foundation designed by Frank Gehry opened in 2014 and is a new favorite of mine. I’ve always loved and collected their designs but now I get to celebrate their vision every time I visit this truly unique landmark. So glad LA CORNUE put this stop on our tour…

Vaux le Vicomte

After an evening spent with friends in Paris we regrouped the next morning with the LA CORNUE team and headed out to Vaux le Vicomte. One of my favorite things to do when I am in Paris is to take the day on a Sunday and head out to one of the beautiful chateaus. Vaux le Vicomte has a fascinating story and is always on my list.

Love the beautiful architectural details and the blue color on this exquisite door.

On the roof — see, I have mastered my fear of heights!

Ultimately we returned home to the HOTEL SOFITEL. We loved sitting in their chic bar room every night when we returned from our daily adventures.

Inspiration around every corner…

On our final day Keith and I hit every shop and gallery we could! Ines de la Fressange is a fabulous boutique. New stores always provide so much inspiration. I loved the personal and bohemian quality of the shop.

Vautrin mirrors – This is one thing I do not own that I am always coveting…Each one really is a piece of art and they reminded me of the dazzling beauty of the LA CORNUE surfaces. I did purchase these blue chairs – a great find at the Paris flea market, in one of my favorite colors.

CHRISTIAN DIOR STORE – Watching the “Dior and I” movie on the plane going over to Paris and then visiting the store was the most special. When I got back from Paris I bought a photograph by Mark Shaw of the store. I was at Holly Hock in LA right after I got back and seeing the photograph I knew I just had to buy it!

I loved these little blue and pink glass vases, I bought them and they are now in my living room. My two favorite colors – just like my colors for La Cornue!

Next stop: VEGAS

This journey, that actually started in my Atlanta kitchen a few years back, takes another exciting turn with my LA CORNUE launch at the KBIS show in Las Vegas January 19-21. Now I’m excited to share this beautiful new line with you. They have a replica of Eiffel Tower in Vegas but it’s not the same as the Paris original which will always be an inspiration for me…