Suzanne Kasler - Inspired 2016 Summer Photo:

We welcome renowned artist Carolyn Carr to our GUEST ROOM this summer. Carolyn is a multi-generational Southerner (born in Atlanta) whose drawings, paintings, sculptures and photographs are a constant source of inspiration for us. Whether she’s creating in her awe-inspiring Castlebury Hill studio or casting out on a specific “pilgrimage”, Carolyn is daily engaged in living and creating fully. We are grateful that she took time out to share her process, inspirations, and favorites with us. We hope they inspire your summer as well!

What inspires you?

Love inspires me. Love is the answer to everything!

Tell us about YOUR favorite guest room

My favorite guest rooms inspire the senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. They are cool to sleep in at night (but never too hot or cold when entering) and are deadly quiet while sleeping. Suzanne’s furnishings like her Adele Sconces coupled with crisp linens, silk quilts, and towels create a perfect guest room. And if a four-legged family member has been extended an invitation, it is very sweet to have a dog bed from L.L. BEAN or Jonathan Adler (for those who cannot resist) on hand. Another surprise to discover is a tiny box of Louis Sherry chocolates — an adult bedtime treat. Oh and did you hear, childhood friend Miles Redd is designing their boxes now?! Visits are particularly meaningful when one’s culture is reflected either by an arrangement of cut flowers from the house’s garden (or a local farmer), a well-hung painting by a resident artist, or a collection of books on a variety of local subjects (old and new). This all helps one feel connected while entertaining the curious. And if old friends are visiting – a memorable photograph is an added touch.

Tell us about your most recent favorite find…

Our favorite place to go in the car is the Mountains of Highlands, North Carolina. Hiking those woods is restorative. Our favorite far-a-way place is Greece – the abounding history with supporting visuals, and coupled with the private beaches on remote islands like Hydra is never tiring.

What is one thing about you that would surprise people?

Most of my days are spent happily in solitude. The work requires concentration and time to prepare, to make, look, add on, process, adjust, rethink, and look again. Thus, the works evolve over stretches of time. In fact, the next work, an installation in the framework of a photographer’s studio and Painters Table, contains sculptures, photographs, and paintings created over many years. These new works will be opening in an exhibition titled Radical Plastics, Curated By Rachel Reese, at the Cue Foundation in NYC from July 16th- August 20.

What is your definition of TIMELESS STYLE?

Being true to oneself, spending time with loved ones, and exploring, are the timeless pursuits that create lifelong relics and cherished memories.

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