Matthew Quinn

We are excited to welcome one of the leading experts in kitchen, bath and product design, Matthew Quinn into our Guest Room this summer! Matthew is the principal in Atlanta based Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio and founder of the Matthew Quinn Collection.

When I first met Matthew, he was working for Design Galleria Kitchen and Bath Studio at ADAC, and I was impressed with his passion, his designs, and his attention to detail. Soon after we met, he bought that company. Since that time, he has been the first person that I bring onto the team for most of my projects.

Matthew and I have designed kitchens that are not only beautiful; most importantly, they are timeless, with a certain specialness that reflects every client in a different way. At the end of the day that is what it is all about—working with a fabulous team to create the most beautiful interiors! I’m so excited for Matthew as his second book will be published in the spring of next year, so be on the lookout for QUINTESSENTIAL KITCHENS AND SPACES by Matthew Quinn: Volume Two.

We are so thankful to Matthew for sharing some of his travels, inspirations, and stories with us…

What inspires you?

I was raised to speak only when spoken to which made me a great listener, wildly curious and always observing others and my surroundings. I still do this and get inspired by almost everything around me whether I am in a museum, a park, a hotel or a client’s home. Because I am a kitchen, bath and closet specialist, I am fortunate to collaborate with the world’s most talented architects, designers and builders. Observing their design processes, methods and solutions is incredibly inspiring and motivates me to constantly invent, innovate and facilitate new designs. I feel like I am able to exercise every part of my brain because of the different architectural vernaculars, design vocabularies, home locations, cuisines and cultures…..maybe that is why I go to bed at 9:30 every night. I also create and license a wide range of kitchen and bath products and the inspiration for those designs is typically providing my clients a solution that is as beautiful and versatile as it is functional.

Tell us about YOUR favorite guest room

I instantly thought about a magical trip to Sonoma where my husband and I were fortunate enough to be invited to stay at the Jordan Winery estate and chateau. The guest suite was on the second floor with large casement windows overlooking the winery and nature preserve and interior French doors on each side of the bed that opened to the aging room with rows and rows of deliciously aromatic oak barrels full of wine. I am not sure what was more decadent, a bubble bath in the enormous hammered copper tub in front of the wood burning fireplace or that the staff delivered breakfast on silver trays in yellow uniforms and the same staff returned an hour later in blue uniforms to remove the plates that were licked clean of every morsel of food. I do know that the dreams I had that night with the doors open to the wine barrels were unlike any I have ever had again!

Tell us about your most recent favorite find…

I am from Key West so I sometimes need a healthy dose of surf and sand for soul nourishment. We decided to try the new Seafire Kimpton resort on Grand Cayman recently and we absolutely fell in love with the vibe, décor and food. Our penthouse room was almost as large as our home in Atlanta but with phenomenal views of teal and turquoise waters. One of the restaurants downstairs, AVECITA, has a chef’s table that literally puts you dangerously close to everything being sliced, diced, fired and flamed. And it certainly didn’t hurt that the food was mind blowing and the chefs were fun and drop dead gorgeous. We rarely want to visit the same hotel twice but we would stay here again the next time my diet is lacking sailing, snorkeling, paddleboard yoga, and sunshine.

What is one thing about you that would surprise people?

I think most people would be surprised how much I love adventure and being outdoors. If I am not traveling for work, we spend every weekend at our camp at Lake Oconee. I can completely unwind by spending the day fishing, gardening, shooting targets, chain sawing and chopping firewood. I am in my element and these activities allow me to “fill my well” that is almost dry after a long work week.

What is your definition of TIMELESS STYLE?

I consider myself as much a scientist as I do an artist and my primary goal is to create a kitchen, bath or closet that works perfectly for its owner. Forecasting the function of a space into the future is critical to the success and timelessness of it. As far as style, I always prefer to add cabinetry panels to any appliance that accepts them even putting ovens behind retractable doors as appliances and countertops are typically the first to date a kitchen. Using products with heritage that have stood the test of time like La Cornue, Calacatta marble countertops, wood flooring, and unlacquered brass or polished nickel fixtures will also create timelessness. I am always explaining to my clients how quickly the products and technology change in the kitchen and bath industry and that regardless of the authenticity of the design, these spaces will need quick and simple updates to keep them fresh just like a living room or bedroom needs.

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