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We are excited to welcome the talented and inspiring Brooke & Steve Giannetti to the guest room – this feature is particularly wonderful as they were recently guests in my actual guest room in Atlanta! The Giannetti’s are known for their artfully designed houses and unpretentious elegance. Steve, a renowned architect, founded their firm in 1994 and Brooke runs the company’s interior design studio and is the author of the popular design blog and Instagram account, Velvet and Linen.

Brooke and Steve have authored three books. In addition to two bestsellers, Patina Style and Patina Farm, their new book, Patina Living, was published this Spring 2019 and captures the beauty of life on their property in Ojai, CA. Filled with breathtaking images of gardens and their indoor/outdoor lifestyle, the book contains over 250 original images capturing the pleasure and humor of caring for chickens, goats, donkeys and sheep on the Ojai property they designed. We recently had the opportunity to visit their farm in Ojai and got to experience the magic for ourselves…it was truly inspiring! We are so thankful to Brooke and Steve for sharing some of their inspirations, travels, and stories with us…

What inspires you?

We are very inspired by our travels. We love visiting historic towns around the world. We enjoy seeing how the architecture as well as the interiors have evolved over time, even incorporating some more modern elements. We recently visited Charleston, South Carolina which is a stunning city with beautiful examples of Colonial, Georgian, and Federal architecture, as well as Italian, Gothic Revival and Victorian. We came across several historic homes that were renovated with a modern flair. Taking walks down the tree lined streets of the historic district and admiring the gardens is something every garden lover should experience.

Tell us about YOUR favorite guest room

We have to say that Suzanne’s guest room is really our favorite. Not only is it gorgeous, it is comfortable and has every convenience a guest could want… and a view of her beautiful garden! It’s also separate from Suzanne’s main house, which makes us feel like we are not intruding on her privacy.

Tell us about your most recent favorite find…

We are obsessed with the Cotswold area in England. We spent some time there last year and are going back in September to immerse ourselves in the gardens and architectural/interior design. We are staying at the Wild Rabbit which is owned by Lady Carole Bamford, who also owns Daylesford Farm. The Wild Rabbit is a perfect example of inspiring design, with its modern vision of a traditional British inn. Daylesford Farm is also inspiring. They practice organic farming in the most beautiful style.

What is one thing about you that would surprise people?

Now that we live with so many animals, we have embraced more of a vegetarian diet. Looking into the soulful eyes of a sheep, goat or cow makes a lamb chop and a New York strip pretty much inedible.

What is your definition of TIMELESS STYLE?

Designs that use natural materials, classical proportions are timeless.
These elements only get better with age.

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