We’re just back from High Point Spring Market where
we showcased the Suzanne Kasler for HICKORY CHAIR collection.
We offered up a fresh take on some of our favorites and
set the stage with new pieces as well...



Known for elegant lines and modern flair, the Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair collection has a luminous quality when displayed in natural linens and classic wood tones.

Designers can easily envision the pieces personalized to suit the individual client, making the collection one of the most widely appealing in the market. Customizable to feel French, modern, or eclectic in style, while always remaining timeless and current, Suzanne’s designs are defined by her edited eye for luxury and comfort.

The Drama of BLACK

In the dramatic spring 2017 High Point showroom, black accessories and ebony finishes were mixed in to anchor the neutral palette and balance the airiness.

An oversized dotted throw accented one wall. While polka dots can be challenging in a sophisticated environment, in this case the hand-made details of the fringed dots balanced and elevated the playfulness of the pattern. It added contrast, movement and a fresh touch, juxtaposed with a vintage hand-made feel.

Black pots, tribal pillows and cowhide rugs layered over sisal and natural materials created a polished, eclectic space.

Suzanne Kasler - Inspired 2017 Summer

Four large-scaled planters of wood paneling and with metal banding completed the look by drawing the eye into the long room and framing the naturally lit space.

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