Saturday is Suzanne’s favorite day...she gets to recoup from
the week and then sets out to visit her favorite spots.


The BEST holiday tradition!

The tradition of going to New York City at Christmas is not a new or novel idea unique to me. Thousands of people flock to the city around the holidays, but that never takes away the magic of it for me. It started years ago, my best friend from high school and I would meet in New York every December to celebrate Christmas. There is something about going at the same time each year, to the same place, that creates a different kind of memory…it becomes very special, almost sacred, as many traditions do. The funny thing about New York that time of year is you never know what kind of weather you are going to get…

Suzanne Kasler - Inspired 2016 Holiday

Sometimes we would go and it would be a warmer winter, the pavement still black, but other years it would be blizzarding and the city would be blanketed white with snow… but regardless of the weather, one thing I always know about that time of year, is that it is absolutely magical….Here we share a festive, yet warm winter day with our good friends Jill and Lizzy Cohen…


Traveling to New York from Atlanta in the winter, it always seems a little dark and cold, until the holiday season arrives and suddenly the city is filled with decorations and lights, the city becomes vibrant and filled with joy and excitement!

Since everything is so close together really one can have sensory overload just by walking from one place to the next. The windows are always a sight to behold, the street lights, holiday decorations are everywhere, street vendors on every corner roasting pretzels and nuts! You almost don’t want to blink in fear of missing something incredible…

The CLASSICS…Both Old and New!

Our tradition is to always go to the 21 Club, Viand Coffee Shop and Bergdorf’s….and now more recently we have added the Ralph Lauren Polo Bar. We love it because it has that same clubby, comfortable feeling that is very cozy and inviting on a cold winter day.

A CUSTOM Christmas

We have to stop by the Goyard store to see their beautiful leather luggage, bags, and accessories. I also have a Goyard calendar, which has become my absolute favorite! I always go and get my new calendar insert during my Christmas trip so I am all set for the New Year…They make amazing gifts…and I love all of the colors they have and how you can personalize your items with the monogram and different stripes. There are LOTS of custom Christmas present options here!

Windows that WOW and Ornaments that POP!

The windows at Bergdorf’s are obviously always a must-see. The design team behind the windows is absolutely incredible and each year the windows and their respective stories are even more innovative, creative and completely inspiring than the last. Every detail is worth noting and you can get a better view of them at night…Bergdorf’s also has the BEST selection of holiday ornaments up on the 7th floor! We always stock up on both the fun and the elegant choices…


I always stay at the Plaza Athenée. It’s smaller and feels old fashioned and staying there makes me feel like I live in the neighborhood. And it’s an easy walk to all of our favorite holiday spots… at least when it’s NOT snowing!

Dinner and a SHOW

Every few years, after an early dinner, I do love to go and see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes… I know it’s touristy but I think it’s so fun! The way they have evolved the show over time has been so interesting to see, it’s even become interactive with the 3-D glasses. And those Rockettes always entertain!

From there the show continues around the corner with the tree at Rockefeller Center… It’s also incredibly touristy, but I just can’t help myself…I love to see it all lit up at night with the ice rink full of festive skaters. This final stop ALWAYS puts me in the CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!

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